Bass tools

BASS avows itself to a holistic corporate management. We orientate on our employees, on our customers, our suppliers – and maintain a trusting and respectful relationship. We aim to establish long-term win-win relationships with our partners. 

We are a process orientated company. A company with many faces behind it. This enables us to bring in individual ideas. High quality and steady improvement of our products and processes are our business. We take responsibility for our environment and society.
Our decisions are not based on short-term results, they are taken with a long term view and with sustainability. This is our benchmark.

We set clear goals for every company process and we regularly measure ourselves on this basis. Our share of apprentices for example is currently 15% according to plan.

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Cutting Taps

Suitable tools for every application. We offer high performance solutions for individual applications.

Roll taps

For chipless machining of internal threads. We offer a high tool life and a standard program of dimensions up to M64.

Thread milling cutters

For all dimensions and thread types. We offer tools for thread milling, drilling and countersinking.

Tap holders and accessories

For synchronized machining. We offer a harmonized system of tap or roll tap and tap holder with accessories.

Thread milling systems

For the reliable production of large threads. We offer a modular system with high measuring accuracy and maximum repeatability.


For higher tool life and reliable solutions in machining of internal threads. We offer specials as standard tools.