Explore the Latest Offerings in YG-1’s Product Portfolio for 2024

We are excited to announce the release of YG-1’s updated ‘General Catalog 2024’ tailored specifically for the European market. This new catalog not only expands our range of product offerings but also introduces new brands and series expansions that are set to revolutionize the industry.

Introducing Major Innovations

One of the highlights from our new catalog is the X1-EH Premium Solid Carbide End Mill. Designed for high-hardened steels, this end mill is a key addition to our lineup, bringing unparalleled precision and efficiency to high-precision milling. It’s an essential tool for manufacturers seeking to enhance their machining capabilities.

Another innovative product is the HSS-PM Synchro Tap, featuring an internal coolant system that meets the DIN standard. Its design not only extends tool life but also significantly reduces heat during operations at higher spindle speeds, making it ideal for enhancing productivity and tool performance.


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Solving Industry Challenges

We also address specific industry challenges with the HSS-E YG Tap Chip Breaker, which effectively prevents bird nesting issues commonly encountered with long chipping materials. This tool adheres to the DIN standard and is a game-changer for those working with complex materials.

For those specializing in aluminum, our Alu-Power HPC Solid Carbide End Mill with Chip Breaker ensures excellent chip evacuation and reduces power consumption during high-speed roughing operations.

Additionally, the TitaNox-Power HPC Solid Carbide End Mill features a new 5-flute design optimized for heavy cutting applications, further solidifying our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to the machining industry.

Stay Ahead with YG-1

At YG-1, we continuously seek to develop and expand our product lines to meet the evolving needs of our customers and the dynamic market trends. Check out our comprehensive range of tools and innovations by referring to our General Catalog 2024.

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